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Setex Tape is a line of repeatable, residue-free, non-tacky tapes. These customized adhesive solutions can be used in applications such as semiconductor parts handling, glass handling, robotics end effectors, packaging and mounting to smooth surfaces.


A revolutionary new dry adhesive technology!

Setex Tape is the world’s first commercial implementation of dry adhesive technology, enabling a pressure-sensitive adhesive solution that is dry, repeatable and residue-free. It is ideal for leading product designers and manufacturing engineers who are frustrated with the limitations of current non-repeatable, tacky and residue-prone alternatives. Currently available as a custom solution, Setex Tape can be manufactured in a wide range of consistencies.


Attributes and Benefits include:


Repeatability: Setex Tape provides repeatable adhesive performance, unlike PSAs that lose their strength over time.


Residue-Free: Setex Tape does not leave any sticky adhesive residues when it is removed from a surface.


Dry / Glue-free / Non-tacky: Setex Tape is completely dry, providing exceptionally strong adhesion without sticky chemical bonds or lint-attracting hooks (or mushrooms).


Customizable Performance: Setex Tape can be designed with varying shear and peel strengths to fit your application’s needs.

The Science

Setex Tape has fiber tips that are in contact with a release film. This film should be removed before evaluation of the samples and replaced when samples are not in use. The strength of the dry adhesive is dependent on the number of microfiber tips in contact with the surface and the contact time. We recommend applying with firm pressure to achieve optimal surface contact.


Shear and Peel Strength


Performance over 1000 peel cycles


Setex Tape — Plexiglass Peel Demonstration

Setex Tape can be designed to release under high load as demonstrated in this video of a thin piece of glass being picked and released.

Setex Tape Wafers Demonstration

Setex Tape is seen in this video picking and placing 1mm silicon wafers and delivering them to another carrier surface. This technology enables the picking and placing of the most valuable semiconductor parts for thousands of cycles without leaving a residue.

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