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nanoGriptech Announces Name Change and Rebranding of B2C and B2B Businesses

The New Company to Be Called Setex Technologies, Inc. and Market Consumer Products Under the Setex Brand

nanoGriptech, Inc., the first commercial manufacturer of gecko-inspired micro-structured dry adhesives and surfaces for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications, announced today its name change to Setex Technologies, Inc.

The company developed its patented technology by biomimicking the hairs, called setae, on gecko’s toes which allow the lizards to climb and grip many surfaces. They are currently working with a number of Fortune 500 companies to develop solutions for a range of applications, including wearable consumer products, semiconductor and glass handling, and automotive upholstery fastening. Under the Setex brand name, the company has been marketing a variety of grip pad products for eyeglasses, earbuds, game controllers, and other devices directly to consumers since 2020. Like the underlying technology, the brand name Setex is also inspired by the gecko’s setae.

“We have built a strong following on Amazon with our Setex brand and have a leading market share in the eyeglass nose pads category,” comments CEO Nicholas Kuhn “As we continue to grow, we saw the opportunity to leverage our technology to build the Setex brand into a household name.”

The goal of the transition to Setex Technologies for the corporate and B2B name is to share and leverage the equity on the Setex B2C name, maintaining a stronger and more coherent brand architecture to better serve both business models. The firm has also introduced a new tagline, “Stay in control.” “Our product solves everyday issues of keeping things in place, where they are intended to be,” explains Kuhn, “therefore helping people stay in control of their daily tasks which can range from improving your game all the way to safety at work.” The new branding was the work of Pittsburgh-based brand consultancy, The Machine.

The company has relaunched two new websites reflecting the B2B brand at and the B2C brand at

About nanoGriptech, Inc. a.k.a. Setex Technologies, Inc.

Setex Technologies, Inc. is a privately-held developer and manufacturer of gecko-inspired dry adhesive technology used in applications ranging from wearable consumer goods to semiconductor and glass handling to automotive upholstery fastening. The company was spun out of Carnegie Mellon University in 2009 by its founder, Dr. Metin Sitti. It occupies over 12,000 square feet of space in a former chocolate factory in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. For more information about nanoGriptech™ and Setex™ gecko-inspired adhesives, contact John Kearney at 412.224.2136 or or visit

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