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Setex’s unique dry adhesive and gripping surface is mechanical in nature, so it naturally leaves no residue and is skin-friendly.

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Friction Enhancement to Skin

Current gripping material used on orthotics, braces, prosethics, face masks, and other medical equipment that contacts the skin often slips or develops odors otherwise becomes unusable. Such materials do not work well with concave surfaces or for applications that need low profile, non-tacky gripping.


Medical Wrapping Tape

Setex Tape technology provides adhesion strength, without leaving any residue on smooth, wet, or slippery surfaces.


Setex Grip® is a high friction microfiber surface inspired by the microscopic hairs, or setae, of a gecko’s foot that can be incorporated into injection molded parts.

Setex Technologies treats the molding tool's surface so the resulting molded part is produced with high friction microfibers on the surface, directly integrated with and made from the same material as the part. These microfiber molded parts, using custom polymers and plastics, show a significant increase in the coefficient of friction, typically over 200% for skin in wet and oily conditions.


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