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The Setex® Technologies products listed below are protected by patents and patent applications in the U.S. and elsewhere:

  • Setex®
  • Setex® tape (formerly Setex GeckoTape™ or Setex DA™)
  • Setex® gripping material (formerly Setex GeckoGrip® or Setex XG™)
  • Setex® Ultra-Thin Fastener™ (formerly Setex CF™)

Patent numbers include:

  • U.S. Patent Nos. 9,566,722 B2, 10,307,941 B2, 10,689,549, and 10,774,246 B2
  • Canadian Patent No. 2,870,133
  • South Korea Patent No. 10-1943145
  • European Patent No. EP 2825359
  • Pending Patent Applications

These names and their visual representations are registered and/or common law trademarks of Setex® Technologies:

  • Setex®
  • Setex® logo/nanoGriptech® Gecko-Inspired Adhesives logo:


  • Setex GeckoGrip®
  • Stay in Control™
  • nanoGriptech®
  • Setex Grips™
  • Setex Fasteners™
  • Setex Tape ™

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