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Our Process

In a world of uncertainty, Setex enables partnerships that create a custom solution join, affix, attach, reinforce or provide a strong grip or adhesive for the objects that bring more certainty and better outcomes to products. Anything that requires us to defy gravity, slippage or any kind of turbulence.

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01. Planning

Develop mission and align to strategy

We begin each project by setting design, manufacturing and financial goals with our partners. We help assess new technologies within the context of our partner’s product architecture. We work with manufacturers to identify operating procedures, product constraints and supply chain implications. Each project has a clearly defined mission, which is aligned to the mission of our partners


Greenlight the project

With a clear objective in mind, we help clients determine the feasibility of the project. Here, discovery of consumer needs helps us to validate the market opportunity. As our partners establish budgets, we provide insight into gripping, adhesive and fastening materials costs, as well as potential process efficiencies to be gained. In most engagements, early testing and prototyping will likely take place.


Define product architecture and final assembly scheme

At this stage, we focus on the geometric layout of the product and preliminary process flow chart. Reviews of functional specification of subassemblies is completed. Our partners then determine materials and perform make-buy analysis. Target costs are determined and sales price points targeted. Finally, and service issues are identified and mitigation plans are established.


Gripping, adhesive and fastening designs

With a system-level design established, we then work with partners on geometry, materials and tolerances of manufactured products. Lists of standard, purchased parts are created. Process plans and the design of tooling are completed. Our partners will often rely on us to manage documentation of drawings, computer files, tooling, specs for purchased parts, process plans and assembly plan.


Prototyping and iteration

We begin early prototyping by building with production-intent parts with similar geometry and properties, but made with different manufacturing processes. We then test alpha prototypes to see if the product will work as expected and satisfies CNs. Beta prototypes, built with production parts, are assembled with different processes. Our partners then test beta prototypes on their end to assess performance and reliability.


Launching products with partners

The final stage of our process is where products are made with specified materials, manufacturing and assembly processes. Initial products are sent to selected customers. Our partners’ work force is trained on the product. A QA system is implemented. Our partners then begin operation of the entire production system, and prepare to make the product available for widespread distribution.

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