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The wearables and wearables technology industry is a growing industry and ever-changing industry. Setex works with product designers and engineers to help innovate the latest product improvement.

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Our consumers have loved our Setex nose pads, nose bridges & temple tips support multi-directional traction with comfort that do not slip no matter what. Our team of experts can help manufacturers create products with these solutions built in.


Earbuds and Smart Watches

Earbuds slipping out and activity tracking bands slide causing biometric data to be inaccurate are some of the basic challenges that Setex products can solve.


Elastomeric polymers which have been converted into Setex Grip structures demonstrate up to 3X the coefficient of friction on wet, sweaty, and oily skin. For such materials, Setex Technologies developed and patented a method to produce injection molded (or other molding process) micropatterned tooling surfaces which enable our customers to mass-produce molded parts with friction enhancing Setex Grip surfaces using the same materials, processes and vendors they currently use. Additionally, emerging devices, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) eyewear, need to be secured on the user’s face to optimize user experience.


Setex Technologies can treat the molding tool’s surface so that the resulting molded part is produced with high friction microfibers on the surface, directly integrated with, and made from the same material as, the part. These microfiber molded parts, using custom plastics, gain a significant increase in the coefficient of friction, typically over 200% to skin in wet and oily conditions. Setex Technologies has demonstrated the ability to mold its high friction Setex Grip microfibers from a wide range of polymer chemistries and hardness including TPU, TPO, Nylons, PC/ABS, TPE, SEBS and silicones.

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