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The sports equipment industry is always launching new and innovated products. From golf clubs, to gloves, bike handles, and more your products need a strong grip in wet, sweaty, and oily conditions. Setex products can be incorporated into equipment and accessories to give your product a unique advantage.

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Give your consumers the products that can handle the rainiest day on the golf course. The Setex Grip gives almost 3x more grip when it is faced with wet or sweaty conditions. Our products can even be places on gaming controllers.


Setex Grip is a high friction microfiber surface inspired by the microscopic hairs, or setae, of a gecko’s foot. It can be incorporated into appael, as well as injection molded parts, and offers some advantages. One of the advantages being that the grip retains around 60-70% of their original friction in wet and oily conditions unlike competing materials such as rubber. Another advantage is that it can be provided in sheet form with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) backing for incorporation onto textiles for sporting apparel applications.

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Setex will treat the molding tool’s surface so that the resulting molded part is produced with high friction microfiber molded parts, using customer plastics, gain a significant increases in coefficient of friction, typically over 200% to skin in wet and oily conditions.

Get a grip on your product design and manufacturing processes by partnering with Setex Technologies.