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Setex Technologies offers a range of solutions in the automotive manufacturing arena. Setex Fasteners have been extensively tested as a fastener in seat manufacturing. Setex Tape dry adhesive has applications in parts and glass handling.

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Automotive Seating

Because upholstery cannot be permanently adhered to the seat structure for various maintenance-related reasons, the snugness of leather upholstery tends to loosen around the seat cushion, causing permanent pockets of loose leather. Setex Fastener is a solution that can reduce damage to the car seat from “aging,” lowering costs of recalls and reputational damage, while allowing for innovations in seating design and ergonomics.


Setex products offer a unique, conformable bonding system. This two-part closure system consists of a mating surface component and a dry adhesive microfiber component. They are created on a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film. The TPU film can be bonded to a wide variety of substrates including textiles, plastics, natural products (paper, leather) and metals, and is resistant to washing and dry cleaning.

Automotive Chart
Automotive Chart

The technology can conform to a wide range of shapes and completely customizable to fit your application’s needs. Setex products are reside- free, silent, and hermetic providing a sealed look unlike zippers, hook and loop or other solutions.

Get a grip on your product design and manufacturing processes by partnering with Setex Technologies.